[Lazarus] ActiveX component with Lazarus

Thierry Coq tcoq at free.fr
Mon Mar 1 20:16:07 CET 2010

Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Mar 2010, "Arí Ricardo Ody" wrote:
>> The company where I work here is thinking about buy an component to 
>> handle RSA hash codes.
>> http://www.example-code.com/delphi/rsa.asp
>> After install it can I use the methods in a FPC/Lazarus program just 
>> as showed in the examples for Delphi?
> No, you can't.
No you can't, not unless you're ready to write a wrapper to call the 
Active-X automation.

I did this around Excel's automation code (see here: 
http://www.tcoq.org/ ) and this takes quite a while! However, it's easy 
to do, once you have set up the root classes. It's just fastidious 
depending on the amount of data and operations you want to handle.

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